Navigating COVID-19: Case study on services and product features, showcasing capabilities for the best solutions to support advisers navigating through this challenging time.

Phil Pilgrim

Corporate Development Executive, Implemented Portfolios

With over 20 years of financial services experience, over a broad range of roles in advisory, consultancy, business development, as an advice practice owner and director, Phil is passionate about financial advice businesses.

He’s worked across both larger organizations (BT, AMP, CoFunds in UK) as well as start-ups (Your Welcome) and loves bringing innovative strategies into the organisations he works with to help them optimise their success.

His current position at Implemented Portfolios enables him to work with financial advice practices to help deliver business efficiency and focus more time on helping their clients achieve their best lives.

Steve Holmes

Co-founder & Director, Feedsy

Steve has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years. During the last eight years, Steve has founded two businesses, SHMarketing&Design and Feedsy.

SHMarketing&Design is a marketing consultancy and website design business specialising in helping small businesses prioritise and deliver on their marketing ideas and to communicate their value to clients.

Feedsy is a news and client communication company that helps advice businesses with their very own branded digital strategy, including eMail services and NewsBlogs on the web. Feedsy’s engine room helps financial advisers show that they care for their clients through email automation and educational content. Feedsy strives to give Financial Advisers the freedom to express their knowledge and ability to inform.

Steve is married and enjoys playing tennis, camping, water-skiing, listening to music and watching his two children play sport in the Adelaide Hills community.

One of Steve’s biggest challenges was walking the Kokoda trail in 2007.

Implemented Portfolios is changing the way that investment management conversations take place in advice practices across the country.

It was started in 2010, with a desire to see the relationships between advisers and clients develop and flourish. Our mission is to help advisers break free from the pure “investment manager” mold and step deeper into the role they were designed to do – helping their clients live their best lives.

By providing advisers with a world class, technology enabled, individually managed accounts (IMA) service, we are freeing up precious business hours, streamlining the advice process and allowing both advisers and clients to focus on their financial values and goals. www.implementedportfolios.com.au

Helping advisors engage more in less time.

Since 2013, Feedsy have been helping time-poor advice businesses regularly stay in contact with customers by auto-publishing stories to blog pages, email newsletters, social media feeds and more.

“Feedsy has been a fantastic time-saver for my business” – Lyn Walker, AdviceLink.

“Not only has this assisted with our compliance obligations but more importantly has proved to be a useful client engagement tool.” – Kevin Blacket, Pilot Wealthfeedsy.info