In the start-up community, the ecosystem and environment is rapidly changing, it requires a mindset shift to be truly successful. The foundation and idea of Rollit was built through a customer-centric view of poor experience with superannuation funds. In this session, we delve into how financial advisers can think like a fintech to create, test, fail and implement customer feedback quickly.

Learn how to adopt a product system innovation strategy like a fintech to:

  • Create non-core product or services, to add value with a customer centric approach
  • Drive an agile strategy for fast integration and implementation
  • Adopt collaborative company culture and an external network of partners

Mark Macleod

CEO, Rollit Wealth

Rollit Wealth empowers Australian workers to make better financial decisions, extend their pay-cheque and build a wealthy life. Get started for free at https://rollitwealth.com/

The Australian dream of working hard to get ahead financially is dying. Today, workers have lower earnings, fewer assets, and less wealth. Companies are reluctant to increase wages and invest in staff due to competitive pressure. Yet, lower standards of living are reducing growth, workplace productivity and engagement. Rollit provides the solution to Australia’s low-wage, low-productivity spiral.