At its core, innovation is the ability to make changes that creates value. It has never been more important for advisers to innovate the way they deliver their advice. We will not return to business as usual and old methods of acquiring and servicing clients will need to be revised to remain relevant. Simon will present new opportunities and emerging risks that this rapid change has brought with it.

In this session you will learn how you can overcome the challenges that digitalisation has brought to the workplace to:

  • Deliver advice in an engaging, flexible and interactive way
  • Leverage technology as a tool to enhance our humanity
  • Adopt a digital mindset that encourages knowledge transfer to add value

Simon Waller

Futurist, Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder, The Digital Champions Club

Some people talk about the future. Simon chooses to live it. He researches trends and emerging technologies, then runs experiments on himself, his business and sometimes his family. Armed with his first-hand experiences, Simon helps others implement the future and successfully navigate the risks, challenges and opportunities it brings.

Along the way, these experiences have also resulted in a couple of books: Analogosaurus: How to avoid extinction in a world of digital business is about how to engage people in the opportunities of technology and The Digital Champion: Connecting the dots between people, work and technology is both a practical guide to identifying and implementing technology opportunities.