Navigating COVID-19: Case study on services and product features, showcasing capabilities for the best solutions to support advisers navigating through this challenging time.

Shannon Bernasconi

Managing Director, WealthO2

Shannon has over 21 years’ experience in Financial Services in Australia and abroad. Shannon is the co founder and Managing Director of WealthO2. Shannon has previously held the position of Managing Director Australia at Calastone (a global top 50 Fintech innovator company).

In the role of MD, Shannon led the strategy, sales and growth initiatives for Calastone in Australia working closely with the Asset management, Banking and Advisor community. Prior to Calastone, Shannon was employed by Royal Bank of Canada for over 8 years in various roles, including Global Product, Strategy and Development and Client Solutions.

Shannon has successfully led key strategic initiatives, provided consultancy to strategic clients, and implemented multiple transformational high profile projects. Shannon brings both vision, a true understanding of where the market is and trends for future direction, a logical and pragmatic approach, and an inspiring energy to all those that work with and alongside her. She has a strong Product Management and strategy skillset with a focus on innovation.

Shannon has a Summa Cum Laude BSc Honours in Chemical Engineering.

Mat Walker

Chief Commercial Officer, Praemium

Mat Walker is Chief Commercial Officer at Praemium. Mat joined Praemium in 2017 and has spent the last 30 years in leadership and executive directorship roles covering financial planning, investment platforms, investment management and managed accounts. Mat is passionate about helping advice practices deliver quality financial advice and engagement via affordable, innovative and transparent investment solutions.

Through technology, Praemium has taken a highly complex and time-consuming process and simplified it. Big time. We’ve taken a revolutionary approach to a totally disrupted market. Our platform solution is so good that it’s grown in usage in 17 years across the globe to almost 1,000 financial institutions and over 500,000 investors.

From the beginning we have crafted and optimised our technology in collaboration with financial professionals, to build the ideal next-generation platform that provides a great client experience. Praemium’s fully integrated account management platform is so flexible there’s a managed account offer to suit clients, great or small. Now your entire client list can enjoy the benefits of managed accounts, with or without custody, for investment and retirement savings and support the variety of tailored advice strategies you develop across your client base. Praemium’s proprietary integrated Managed Accounts platform uniquely serves Australia, UK and International markets with our mission: “To assist wealth advisers to deliver great investor experiences and outcomes”.

WealthO2 is a privately owned technology and service company. We are not affiliated with any Bank or Institution. We provide software and a service that is not conflicted, is low cost, drives efficiency and provides financial advisers the tools to implement scalable yet tailored advice and more easily demonstrate value to their clients.

Our suite of solutions can be used standalone, in combination or all together to provide efficiencies in managing Managed Accounts and Managed Discretionary Accounts; trading managed funds; and providing clients with a fresh, new alternative for their Super and Pension via Super Simplifier which is “on HIN” providing greater transparency on the client’s assets.

WealthO2’s portfolio administration service is not a product, it’s a service.

WealthO2 is unconflicted as we have no investment products, and we do not
charge the advisers or investment managers for models, and we do not make money off your client’s cash. There are no hidden fees.
We want advisers to spend more time with clients and develop relationships and let the software implement the best interest advice in an unconflicted, cost effective, scalable and efficient manner.